At the core of our collaborative practice is play.

We play intentionally to seek, affirm and share a life-ness, which we see as so important to our worlds today. We play our self-made research instruments, and also our human body-mind. We play attentively to create and sustain encounters for something subtle to emerge. We call these encounters Sono-Choreographic Playgrounds, because on the playground we can be playful rather than precious about seeking out subtlety.

Our playgrounds are interspaces of installation, performance, instrumental music and writing practices. Our playgrounds are also collective spaces where personal encounters of subtlety might expand into shared experiences of nuance. And it is in this sharing of nuanced co-presences that we locate our urgent resistance to the excesses of modernity, to tendencies of higher, stronger and faster. Our resistance is micropolitical in that it proposes subtle modes of sensing. It is also playful in proposing poly-sensory playgrounds to tease out more than monistic ways of sensing, experiencing, knowing and therefore relating-with our worlds.