This sono-choreographic environment intersects the whisper, that speech-act at the limits of audibility, with the urgency of unheard (or at least under-represented) perspectives/ideas/stories. Each instantiation of this environment performs these critical whispers through various texts and instruments.

Photo credits ©SCC
'Whisperings: Circle' is an intimate congregation of seven custom made horns that whisper seven texts, one on each day of the week. The whisperings ponder the etymological and astrological roots of the days of the week,

Part of '9days8nights', an exhibition that invited to inhabit instruments for poetic measurement of plural durations of being.

Indoor installation for the space ‘sign,CIAT’ of the Contemporary Institute for Art and Thought in Berlin, 30.8.2021-7.9.2021.

Commissioned by the Contemporary Institute for Art and Thought (CIA&T)
Funded by VG Bild-Kunst


Photo credits ©SCC
In 'Whisperings: Whistleblowers' the atmospheric sensibility of electro-acoustic wind instruments is grounded as political voices are mixed into and amplified by the wind. At a time when whistleblowers expose the ways in which we are manipulated by invisible powers, these instruments transform uncomfortable revelations, warnings, and signals into sounds and chants, narrated by artificially generated voices.

Commissioned by the Dystopie sound art festival 2020, the environment was originally conceived as an outdoor sonic intervention for a public space in one of Berlin’s S-bahn stations, the work was subsequently installed in an indoor gallery space because requisite permissions could not be obtained for the public installation.

Commissioned by Dystopie sound art festival 2020

Sono Choreographic Collective